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The City of Mukilteo was incorporated in May 1947 and operates as a non-charter code city with a Mayor-Council form of government. The Mayor and seven City Councilmembers are non-partisan elected officials who serve four-year terms.  Municipal elections are held in November in odd-numbered years and terms are staggered so that no more than four positions are up for election every two years.

The Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer and the official and ceremonial head of the City.  The Mayor proposes an Annual Budget to the City Council and presides over all meetings of the City Council.  The Mayor cannot vote on ordinances, franchises or licenses, or for payment of any City monies.

The City Council is the legislative body of the City.  It enacts laws and regulations, establishes policy direction for the City, establishes tax and fee rates, adopts an Annual Budget, and approves payments of all City monies.  The 2024 Council President is Louis Harris and Council Vice President is Tom Jordal.


City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6:00 p.m., unless posted otherwise. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor or Council as needed. City Council work sessions are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month beginning at 6:00 p.m. Note: As of January 2023, there are no longer standing committees for Finance & IT, Infrastructure, Land Use & Economic Development, and Public Safety. The topics from these committees will now be brought forth at City Council work sessions.

City Council meetings are held in person in the City Hall Council Chambers, with remote options. To participate remotely, click here to watch the live stream or use the Zoom information on the agenda (see instructions on how to use Zoom). You may watch a live feed of the meeting online or listen to it over the telephone, and the Council is providing opportunities for public comment by submitting written comment or participating with Zoom. Send your written public comments (approximately 400 words equals three minutes) at least one hour before the meeting to the City Clerk at clerk@mukilteowa.gov.

Council meetings are streaming live and recorded. You can access agendas, minutes, and recordings here and the Extended Agenda here.


These engaging discussions will take place at the Rosehill Community Center (304 Lincoln Avenue) in the Rosehill Room on even months and at the Mukilteo Library (4675 Harbour Pointe Blvd) in the Meeting Room on odd months. Whether you’re a longtime resident or new to the area, we invite you to join us for an hour of open dialogue about any City topics, on the last day of each month. Let’s come together to shape the future of our City!

For questions, please reach out to Council President Louis Harris at lharris@mukilteowa.gov or at 425-315-3620. Dates, times, and locations can be found online.

Ever wonder what an EIS is? NGPA? Conducting City business can typically involve using unfamiliar terms or acronyms that can be confusing.  We’ve tried to capture the most popular ones to help clarify or improve your understanding of these terms.  You can view the Glossary/List of Acronyms, and use the alpha bookmarks on the left side of the page to find what you’re looking for.

For those interested in planning terms and acronyms, we have a List of Planning Acronyms to view/download from the National League of Cities and Urban Land Institute.

The Mayor and Councilmembers actively encourage citizen participation and comments.  They can be reached individually via email at the addresses listed below or collectively at elected@mukilteowa.gov.  Councilmembers are not assigned offices at Mukilteo City Hall. You can also leave a message with the Executive Department at 425.263.8018.

City Council Documents

City Councilmembers are listed in their respective Position Number.

City Councilmember photos courtesy of Watkins Photography.

File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/List-of-Acronyms-2015.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/city-council/list-of-acronyms-2015/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023-0404-Extended-Meeting-Agenda.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/2023-0404-extended-meeting-agenda/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/04.1-Council-Rules-of-Procedure_2023-Fnl-Adopted.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/04-1-council-rules-of-procedure_2023-fnl-adopted/
File: https://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/FYI-Zoom-Meeting-Council-Instructions.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/city-council/council-meeting-agendas-minutes-audio-video/fyi-zoom-meeting-council-instructions/
File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024-Mayor_Council-Committee-Assignments_01.04.24.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/2024-mayor_council-committee-assignments_01-04-24/

Louis Harris

Position No. 1

Next Election: 2025

Louis Harris was appointed to the City Council in 2020, then was elected to a four-year term, ending December 31, 2026. He was elected Council President in 2024. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Washington State University.

Mr. Harris has an extensive background in community advocacy and building. He has served in several county-wide organizations that focus on inclusion, community health, and public safety. Louis has held several positions with two state agencies, including his most recent role with Washington State’s Department of Commerce.

Louis is currently working as a small business owner and an author. He is committed to the long-term sustainability of our city and region, and is a strong voice for community engagement and civic participation.

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Photo of Louis Harris

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 315-3620
Email Address: lharris@mukilteowa.gov

Tom Jordal

Position No. 2

Next Election: 2025

Councilmember Jordal was elected to a four-year term in 2022. He was elected Council Vice President in 2024. Tom is dedicated listening to the Mukilteo community and supporting initiatives that further develop its public infrastructure and picturesque seaside atmosphere.

He founded and runs a local business focused on electronic communications and security which he started in 2001. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Washington and a Master’s in Business from Harvard.

Tom is married to Amy Jordal and together they have three high school and college aged children. They enjoy traveling together and spending time outdoors and with friends. He enjoys running, skiing and morning work-outs at the Mukilteo YMCA. Join him for a run most any Saturday at 7:30 a.m. at the HP Middle School outdoor basketball courts.

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Photo of Tom Jordal

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 263.8018
Fax: (425) 290.1013
Email Address: tjordal@mukilteowa.gov

Steve Schmalz

Position No. 3

Next Election: 2025

Councilmember Schmalz was elected to council a four-year term in 2022. Steve is serving his 3rd term.  He was elected Council President in 2018 and 2022. Steve is always trying to put Mukilteo residents’ best interests first.  Steve along with his wife Christine and three children moved to Mukilteo in 2003.  Born and raised outside of Boston, MA, Steve graduated from the Sigmund School of Business at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, PA.

Steve enjoys music, art, hiking, playing golf and ice hockey.  Steve works as a Sales Representative for a Manufacturer’s Rep firm in Bellevue.

Mukilteo Boards, Commissions & Committees

Photo of Steve Schmalz

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 263-8018
Fax: (425) 290-1013
Email Address: sschmalz@mukilteowa.gov

Richard Emery

Position No. 4

Next Election: 2027

Richard Emery was initially appointed to the City Council in 2008 and elected to four-year terms in 2015, 2019, and 2023.  In 2020, he was elected Council President.  Richard has lived in Mukilteo since 2003, and has has been self-employed in the home construction and remodeling business since 1985.

Richard strongly supports sustainable communities and youth-related issues.

Mukilteo Boards, Commissions & Committees

Photo of Richard Emery

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 263.8018
Fax: (425) 290.1013
Email Address: remery@mukilteowa.gov

Mike Dixon

Position No. 5

Next Election: 2027

Mike Dixon was elected to a four-year term in 2023.  Born and raised in the US Virgin Islands, he has made Mukilteo his home since 2007.  Mike is currently a cleantech executive with GM Energy, owns and operates an insurance agency in Old Town, and is a solar farm investor in the Caribbean.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in management science and an MBA, both from MIT.

Policy wise, Mike is passionate about large scale problems in energy, infrastructure and transportation.  His fundamental philosophy of governance is “growth pays for growth”.  Accordingly, his council goals are building a cleantech cluster in Mukilteo, developing the waterfront as a commercial and recreational economic hub in the region, marketing Mukilteo as a welcoming and inclusive city, building policy to support the middle class and ensure our city’s sustainability, working collaboratively to ensure strong and robust long term financial planning and annual budgets, and partnering regionally to help Mukilteo remain an inclusive, sustainable, vibrant and growing city.

Mike and his significant other, Alise, live in the Kamiak subdivision of Harbour Pointe with his two high school aged children, Nehemiah and Gabriell.  He also has three adult children and a granddaughter, Cali.  Mike and Alise enjoy partner dancing, exercising, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Mukilteo Boards, Commissions & Committees

Outside Boards/Committees:

Puget Sound Regional Council (psrc.org):

  • Growth Management Policy Board (member)
  • Transportation Policy Board (alternate)
  • Economic Development Board (alternate)
Photo of Mike Dixon

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 548.5205
Fax: (425) 290.1013
Email Address: mdixon@mukilteowa.gov

Donna Vago

Position No. 6

Next Election: 2027

Council Member Vago was elected to a four year term in 2023.

Donna graduated from Antelope Valley College  in 1996; Arts, Letters and Sciences, Cum Laude. Donna is devoted to the Mukilteo community, business, culture and future planning. She makes decisions based on data and research and by listening to the needs of the community. Donna and her family have lived in Mukilteo since 1997. She is a watercolor artist, and also enjoys gardening, being outdoors and traveling together with her husband.

Mukilteo Boards, Commissions & Committees

Photo of Donna Vago

Contact Information

Phone Number: (425) 263-8018
Fax: (425) 290-1013
Email Address: dvago@mukilteowa.gov

Jason Moon

Position No. 7

Next Election: 2027

Jason Moon was appointed unanimously to the City Council in 2022 to fill the remainder of Joe Marine’s term through December 31, 2023. He was then elected in 2023 to serve a four-year term.

Councilmember Moon is passionate about community and culture and strives to make informed decisions based on the people and not on external influences. He recently served the DEI Commission in 2021 where he was elected as the chairperson.

Mr. Moon is a second generation Korean American who was born in the Midwest but grew up in the greater Seattle area since the mid 80s. He graduated from King’s schools and received a BA degree from the University of Washington (Seattle) in Drama and Communications. He is currently working on his MBA at the University of Washington and expected to graduate in 2024. He currently works at Microsoft in Account Management and in the past served as the Director of Marketing for Amazon’s Asian Affinity Group from 2020-2021 whose membership has a global reach of 15,000 members.

In his youth, he attended Kamiak High School and participated in Kamiak HS functions where he grew to love Mukilteo. His passions include his faith and family as he loves to serve people and spend time with his 2 young boys and loving wife. When time allows, you can find him enjoying the outdoors fishing, kayaking, hiking, and camping around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

한국인 교포 2세 제이슨 문은 2021년 2월 DEI 위원회 의장으로, 그리고 2022년 시의원으로 임명 되었습니다. 그는 King’s 학교를 졸업한 후 워싱턴 주립 대학교에서 연극과 커뮤니케이션을 전공하였고 현재는 마이크로소프트에서 근무 중입니다. 한국에서 직장 생활을 하며 여러 외국인 교수들의 리더로 지내던 중 다양성, 평등, 그리고 포용성에 대한 그의 관심이 시작 되었습니다. 제이슨은 최근에 전세계적으로 회원수가 15,000명에 달하는 아마존 아시아인 유연 단체의 마케팅 부장직을 맡았습니다. 그는 또한 2014-2018년에 데이터와 서비스의 부장으로 World Concern과 CRISTA에서 근무 하였습니다. 학창시절 그는 Kamiak HS에서 여름 학기를 보냈고 여러 Kamiak high school 에 참여하며 머킬티오의 사랑을 키웠습니다. 휴일에는 가족들과 시간을 보내거나 아름다운 Pacific Northwest에서 낚시, 카약, 하이킹, 캠핑을 즐깁니다.

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Photo of Jason Moon

Contact Information

Phone Number: 425-315-6200
Fax: (425) 290-1013
Email Address: jmoon@mukilteowa.gov

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