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With a state highway, state ferry terminal, and a Sound Transit commuter rail station all within Mukilteo’s city limits, transportation issues impact how Mukilteans live their lives and conduct their business.  Transportation is also a focus of the Growth Management Act (GMA), which is why all Comprehensive Plans must include a Transportation Element, or component.  One of the GMA’s goals is to “encourage efficient multimodal transportation systems that are based on regional priorities and coordinated with county and city comprehensive plans” (RCW 36.70A.020[3]).  Click on the City of Mukilteo Comprehensive Plan 2035 for more information.

Land Use Considerations to the City’s Transportation Plans

The Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan must be consistent with its Land Use Element, and must be able to support the densities and uses envisioned by the Land Use Element.  It must also include an inventory of transportation facilities and transit systems, forecast traffic 20 years into the future, have a pedestrian and bicycle component, and address demand management strategies to reduce vehicle miles traveled.  With only 1.9% of the total city area vacant, the City’s land use policies may have little impact on future transportation conditions.

SR 525, Mukilteo-Clinton Ferry Service and Boeing

The two single largest sources of traffic in Mukilteo are the Mukilteo-Clinton ferry service and The Boeing Company’s manufacturing plant in Everett.  The traffic they generate just passes through the City and stays on SR525, but creates most of the congestion issues.  The level of service at the various SR525 intersections is significantly lower than would otherwise be without these two traffic generators. However, Mukilteo does not have any regulatory authority over the ferry or Boeing facilities, make the solutions complicated.  It is estimated that 93.7% of the vehicular traffic on SR525 is generated by these and other sites outside City limits.

Future Traffic Predictions

The 2040 traffic forecast predicts the most heavily congested portion of SR525 (between the SR525 Spur and Beverly Park Road) will see a 13.4% increase in trips, with nearly 85% of that increase coming from outside Mukilteo. Again, Mukilteo has no regulatory authority over any of these traffic generators. The negative impacts of increased vehicular traffic congestion will continue to be significant.

Civil Rights and Title VI

The Recipient Non-Discrimination Policy Statement signed by the Mayor assures that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex, as provided by Title VI of the federal Civil Rights Act, be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or otherwise subjected to discrimination.

Please refer to the City’s Request for Accommodation should you seek access to services and programs for persons with a qualifying disability.

For more information about Title VI, please refer to the WSDOT Recipient Non-Discrimination Policy Statement. A formal process complaint process will be available soon.


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