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Online Crime Reporting

Mukilteo residents are now able to report non-emergency crimes via the internet.  The Mukilteo Police Department is utilizing the online crime reporting site www.mycrimereport.us.

This online crime reporting tool —  which can also be accessed via mobile device — generates a crime report number and sends that number to the victim’s e-mail, typically within 72 business hours. All reports are reviewed by law enforcement personnel for accuracy and to determine if any further investigation is needed.

While the online tool is valuable for reporting minor crimes, there are some reports that must be made by calling 911. Types of crimes that cannot be reported online include felonies, crimes where the suspect is known, where the address of the incident is unknown and/or where the value of something stolen or damaged exceeds $5,000.

The minimum requirements for filing a report online are that the reporting party has an e-mail address and that they know the location where the incident occurred.

The decision to move to an online reporting platform for non-emergent crimes was part of several strategies employed by the Mukilteo Police Department to ensure the safety of officers and the community we serve.  A benefit of online reporting is that it reduces the need for law enforcement to follow-up on every call in person, meaning officers can spend more time on proactive patrol and responding to emergencies.  Crime victims can still request an in-person contact.


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