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Accommodation Request

The City of Mukilteo welcomes an accommodation request for a translator, barrier removal, etc., or documents/materials in alternate formats in any letter, email, newsletter or website used to announce, invite or promote a City program, service or activity. If this information is not provided, please contact the City’s ADA Coordinator to make your request. Please make requests for accommodation at meetings or events as soon as possible or no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. Requests for accommodation at a City meeting/event or materials in alternate formats should include:

  • The requestor’s name, address, email and telephone number (if any)
  • A description and location of the program, service or activity where the accommodation is being requested
  • A brief description of why the accommodation is needed
  • For materials in alternate formats: All of the above and what type of format is desired

The City ADA Coordinator (Katie Casey,  (425) 263-8003) or the responsible City department will respond to the request in advance of a scheduled meeting or event. If the response does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, the requestor may file a formal grievance with the City. All requests for accommodations and alternate formats will be kept on file for at least three years.

Online Accommodation Request Form

Use this online form to request an accommodation from the City of Mukilteo.

  • Enter today's date.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please enter the name of the person needing an accommodation from the City of Mukilteo.
  • Please provide the address of the person needing the accommodation.
  • Please provide a telephone or cell phone number for the person needing an accommodation.
  • Please provide an email address for the person needing an accommodation. If there is no email address, you may leave this field blank.
  • Please provide the date of the activity, service or program that the accommodation should be available.
    MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please provide your email address so we may contact you if we have questions about this request.



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