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From now through the end of this summer, the City’s Community Development Department, including Permit Services, will be operating at a reduced staffing level. Between this staffing reduction and COVID-19, the City’s response time to permit-related inquiries/messages as well as time for the processing, review, and issuance of permit applications will be particularly affected.

Customers may experience delays of up to several days in response to general messages and similar inquiries, including tree inspection requests, so please plan accordingly. Expect delays that are several weeks beyond the City’s standard response times for review of permit applications, including submittals and resubmittals.

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to restoring our level of service as staffing returns to regular levels.

2018 CONSTRUCTION CODES – Updated February 1, 2021

2018 Construction Codes (IBC, IRC, IFC, etc.) are effective February 1, 2021. All applications on or after this date must meet the new requirements.

City Council adopted the new codes on January 19, 2021. You may view the agenda and ordinance here:


The Washington State Department of Health updated the Construction Guidance on January 11, 2021:

The comprehensive Job Site Requirements details 26 items that must be in place prior to any existing construction project resuming or continuing work.


The City of Mukilteo is still accepting permit applications and resubmittals; however we are unable to accept documents in person at this time. The City will continue to review permits as staff is available.

Please follow the instructions below to submit your application or respond to a correction letter:

  • Documents must be submitted electronically by email ( or on the Online Permit Portal ( and by mail.
  • The number of required copies to send in the mail can be found on the appropriate Informational Brochure or in your comment letter from City staff.
  • The City is currently able to accept credit cards over the phone (preferred) or a check in the mail.
  • If you need assistance submitting electronically, please contact Permit Center staff by email (

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


In response to the COVID-19 virus, building inspections are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These inspections are limited to construction activities permitted under the current phase for Snohomish County. All job sites must comply with the COVID-19 Job Site Requirements.

All contractors, applicants and homeowners are asked to stay at least six (6) feet from the inspector during an inspection. The inspector may cancel or reschedule an inspection if (s)he feels that appropriate social distancing and sanitation measures are not in place, or that such measures cannot reasonably be implemented while the inspector is there.

  • Building inspection requests must be made by 2:00 pm the day prior to the requested inspection date. Please call (425) 263-8075 or email ( to request an inspection. Inspections are currently done on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Fire inspection requests must be made by 2:00 pm the day prior to the requested inspection date. Please call (425) 263-8158 or email ( to request an inspection.
  • Clearing, grading, right-of-way, and stormwater inspection requests must be made a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the requested inspection date. Please call (425) 263-8075 or email ( to request an inspection.

Click on this image to open the permits portal for the City of Mukilteo.

The Permit Division of the Community Development Department is the city’s front line Information Desk and Permit Center; it provides clerical support to Building, Planning, and various city Boards and Commissions. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with prompt and courteous service.

Light-Bulb Important Tip: The City recommends applicants take advantage of our free pre-application meeting process to get preliminary feedback on conceptual designs prior to submitting permit applications.  City staff from multiple departments attend the meeting to address any potential issues and assist applicants in preparing all the necessary documents for submittal.

Permit Information

Permit application forms, submittal checklists, brochures and other resource materials for specific types of projects are available on our Online Permit Center.

Construction is regulated by various local, state and federal laws. Regulations specific to Mukilteo can be found on the Building Permits and  Development Regulations webpages.

Other Commonly Needed Permits

Electrical Permits: Washington Labor & Industries

Electric Service: Snohomish Public Utility District No. 1

Food Service Permits: Snohomish Health District

Gas Service: Puget Sound Energy

Water or Wastewater Service: Alderwood Water & Wastewater District or Mukilteo Water & Wastewater District

Septic, Well and Public Pool Permits: Snohomish Health District

Parking Permits (Residential, Employee or Commuter): Mukilteo Parking Programs

Need an Inspection?

  • Building Inspection: (425) 263-8075 or email
  • Fire Sprinkler or Alarm Inspections: call (425) 263-8158 or email
  • Public Works Inspection (72 Hour Notice Required): (425) 263-8075 or email

Contact Us

For a specific question regarding development or the permit application process, or to schedule a pre-application meeting, please call (425) 263-8000, email, or stop by City Hall at 11930 Cyrus Way during regular business hours.

Not sure where to start? We have Project Brochures that provide basic information about requirements for different types of projects within the City of Mukilteo!