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Business Licenses

Thank you for your interest in conducting business within the City of Mukilteo! We appreciate your confidence in the strong business support from residents, Mayor and City Council, and City staff who strive for a high level of customer service.

Chapter 5.04 of the Mukilteo Municipal Code requires that any person who conducts, operates, or engages in any business activities within the city shall obtain a Mukilteo business license.  The term “business” includes without limitation:

  • All activities, occupations, pursuits, sales, services or professions engaged in or on premises located within the city with the object of gain, benefit, advantage or profit to the business enterprise or person, or to another person or class, directly or indirectly, regardless of where their permanent location of business is located;
  • The rental and/or leasing of commercial or industrial properties and the rental and/or leasing of residential dwelling units;
  • Business activities of nonresidential businesses and specifically:
    a. sales/services that are solicited or performed by the physical presence of business representatives within the City;
    b. general and specialty contractors who perform work in or on premises located within the City.

Chapter 5.04.030 cites certain exemptions from a Business License that you may also want to review. Among the list is

  • Garage sales conducted on residential premises for the sale of used household personal items…for no more than three consecutive days and no more than twice annually… (Chapter 5.04.030(3))
  • Newspaper carriers under the age of eighteen years old or any other business or activity owned and operated by a person under the age of eighteen years (Chapter 5.04.030(4))


The City of Mukilteo partners with the Washington Department of Revenue to issue business licenses.  The City license is added as an endorsement to your state business license.

Canvasser licenses are issued by the City of Mukilteo’s Finance Department, please email with questions.

If you have questions regarding adding the City of Mukilteo as an endorsement to your state business license, please call 1-800-451-7985.


Amusement Centers and Amusement Devices

Contact the Business License Department for more information on applying for this type of Business License

File: http://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/2023-BL-Canvasser-Peddler-FORM-A-1.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/finance/business-license/2023-bl-canvasser-peddler-form-a-2/

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