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Business Licenses

Thank you for your interest in conducting business within the City of Mukilteo! We appreciate your confidence in the strong business support from residents, Mayor and City Council, and City staff who strive for a high level of customer service.

Chapter 5.04 of the Mukilteo Municipal Code requires that any person who conducts, operates, or engages in any business activities within the city shall obtain a Mukilteo business license.  The term “business” includes without limitation:

  • All activities, occupations, pursuits, sales, services or professions engaged in or on premises located within the city with the object of gain, benefit, advantage or profit to the business enterprise or person, or to another person or class, directly or indirectly, regardless of where their permanent location of business is located;
  • The rental and/or leasing of commercial or industrial properties and the rental and/or leasing of residential dwelling units;
  • Business activities of nonresidential businesses and specifically:
    a. sales/services that are solicited or performed by the physical presence of business representatives within the City;
    b. general and specialty contractors who perform work in or on premises located within the City.

The application form should be completed in its entirety and returned along with any supporting documentation and the applicable license fees to the city prior to commencing business operations. License fees are provided on the application forms.

City of Mukilteo
Attention:  Business License Department
11930 Cyrus Way
Mukilteo, WA  98275

For additional information on the type of business license application needed, click on the General Information link.

Standard Business License Application   2017 Standard Fee Worksheet   Standard Fee Worksheet 2016
for General and Home Occupations businesses

Non-Resident Business License Application   2017 Non-Resident Fee Worksheet   Non-Resident Fee Worksheet 2016
for general and specialty contractors who perform work in or on premises located within the city

Small Business License Application   2017 Small Business Fee Worksheet   Small Business Fee Worksheet 2016
for any business that has an annual gross income of $5,000 or less

Temporary Business License Application
for businesses operating from a fixed location for up to thirty (30) days but not more than sixty (60) days within any calendar year

Canvasser Peddler FORM A

2017 DSHS Adult Family Home Fee Worksheet    2016 DSHS Adult Family Home Fee Worksheet

2017 Taxi or Vehicle-for-Hire Fee Worksheet       2016 Taxi or Vehicle-for-Hire Fee Worksheet

Amusement Centers and Amusement Devices
Contact the Business License Department for more information on applying for this type of Business License