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Capital Improvement Program

The City’s Capital Improvement Projects focus on enhancing Mukilteo’s quality of life by protecting public health and safety, meeting the demands of the diverse public, and preserving natural resources for the benefit of the community now and in the future.

Each year the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department designs and constructs projects. Below is a listing of our active projects.

Click here to view our Surface Water Capital Improvement Projects Story Map. 

Active Capital Projects

Harbour Pointe Boulevard SW WideningTo make safety improvements to the intersection of HPB and Cyrus Way. REET 2/TIB Grant/TBD
SR 526 Shared Use PathDesign only of a 10 foot wide bike and pedestrian path to provide safe access to Airport Road.REET 1/CMAQ Grant
Harbour Reach CorridorTo connect Harbour Reach Drive from Harbour Pointe Boulevard SW to Beverly Park Road.Traffic Mitigation Impact Fees & State Connecting Washington Funds
Decant Station and Settling VaultTo construct a decant facility at the Public Works Shop.Surface Water/DOE Grant
61st Place Retaining Wall To repair a slide damaged retaining wall.Surface Water/FEMA Grant
88th Street SW Pavement PreservationTo resurface 88th Street SW west of SR 525, as well as retrofit existing curb ramps to comply with current ADA standards.TBD/STP
Public Right of Way ADA Transition PlanPrepare a plan to phase in curb ramp compliance in all City facilities and rights of ways. REET 2
61st Place CulvertReplacement of an existing culvert along 61st Place.Surface Water
2018 Pavement PreservationTo maintain City streets, streets and type of treatment is to be determined.TBD
2020 Pavement Preservation ProgramPavement Preservation Program to maintain City streetsTBD
2018 Facility RenewalRosehill Staining/Painting, Fire Station 25 Painting, City Hall Exterior Refinishing, and Light Station Paint and Pavers.Facility Renewal
Annual BTW ProgramConstruct bike paths and sidewalk projects that have been identified in the BTW Plan.REET 2
Stormwater Low Impact Development Retrofit ProjectDesign Bioretention Swales on 47th Ave W and 55th Place W/127th Street SWDOE Grant
Waterfront Promenade DesignFund 30% Design of the Waterfront Promenade and the Daylighting of Japanese GulchPort of Everett Grant
Mukilteo Ballfields The Boys and Girls Club will construct ballfields on City owned property on 47th Place W. General Fund/Snohomish County Grant/WA State RCO Grant
Tank Farm Site RemediationDemolition, removal and abatement of hazardous materials in the removal of the derelict structures on the Tank Farm site.WA State Department of Commerce
Traffic CalmingPurchase of traffic calming devices such as signs, radar speed indicator signs, construction materials for lane striping, etc. as determined to be necessary through the traffic calming program requests. This does not cover administration of the program.REET 2
2018 ADA UpgradesUpgrade curb ramps to comply with the 2010 ADA guidelines. This will be incorporated into several other pavement related projects.REET 2
Peace Park Design and development of the Peace Park.Park Acquisition & Development
76th St & SR525 Sidewalk ImprovementsSidewalk and curb improvements to 76th St SWState Safe Routes to School Program
SR525 Sidewalk Improvement 2nd & 3rd StreetsConstruct sidewalks along the east side of SR525 between 2nd Street and 3rd StreetTIB/REET 2
Upcoming Project Install solar panels to support energy usage at Rosehill Community CenterGrant from the Department of Commerce
5th Street Pedestrian & Bicycle ImprovementsPedestrian and bicycle improvements along 5th Street as identified in the City's BTW PlanSound Transit System Access Funds (SAF)
76th Street Trailhead Parking Lot Asphalt Overlay ProjectThis project will re-surface the existing asphalt parking lot with a new 2” layer of pavementSnohomish County Community Partnership Grant (REET II) and local funds
Harbour Pointe Blvd Asphalt Path RepairThis project will repair damaged asphalt walking surfacing on Harbour Pointe Blvd between 47th PL W and Cyrus WayDept. of Commerce LEED grant, Snohomish County REET II grant, along with local funds



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