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Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Established Meetings Length of Term
2008 (Ord. 1189) As needed, location TBD 2 years

About the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Municipalities of five thousand or more must establish a Lodging Tax Advisory Committee(LTAC). This committee has unique membership requirements. The committee shall consist of at least five members, and membership must include two members who are representatives of businesses required to collect the taxes, two members who are persons involved in activities authorized to be funded by revenue received by the taxes, and one elected official who serves as the Committee Chair, with one City staff member serving as staff liaison.  Typically, the City appoints 3 hoteliers and 3 non-profit representatives to serve on the Committee.

For fiscal year 2019, the Mukilteo City Council approved $259,700 in Lodging Tax Grants for such projects as the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, Chamber of Commerce Tourism Center Staffing, 2019 Quilt & Garden Tour, the Walking Tour of Mukilteo, Repair of the Chamber of Commerce Stairwell Roof, and Rosehill Community Center Marketing.


NameTitleTerm BeginTerm End
VacantCommittee Member/Non-profit
VacantCommittee Member/Hotelier
Collier, JohnCommittee Member/Non-profit09/19/201909/18/2023
Landsberg, MimiCommittee Member/Non-profit09/19/201709/18/2023
Walker, ShawnCommittee Member/Hotelier08/02/202109/18/2023
Harris, LouisCouncilmember/Chair12/31/2022
Arrington, LindseyStaff Liaison

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