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City Clerk

April 6 City Council Meeting to be Live Streamed for Public Viewing.

The City Council’s April 6, 2020 Regular Meeting will be streamed online at the City’s website. To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, all City Councilmembers will be participating in the meeting remotely. Currently, following the guidance and emergency proclamation of the Governor, we are prohibiting the public from attending in person.

“To ensure our meetings are accessible to the public and provide public participation, the live feed of the council meeting will be available along with the opportunity to submit written comments,” said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “Public comments will be read into the record during the meeting. We encourage the public to observe the meeting remotely.”

Click here to watch the Live Streaming of Council Meetings https://mukilteowa.gov/city-council/council-meeting-agendas-minutes-audio-video/

Click here to send your written public comments to clerk@mukilteowa.gov.


The City Clerk performs a variety of services that support the Mayor, City Council, City departments, and members of the public. Carol Moore is the City Clerk.

Activities of this office include:

  • Preparation of all legal notices pertaining to the City Council
  • Preparation of Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Coordination of Mukilteo Municipal Code updates
  • Maintenance of official public records, including but not limited to Council/Board/Commission meeting minutes, ordinances, resolutions, agreements and contracts
  • Development and implementation of the City’s archive and records disposition program
  • Coordination/monitoring of public records requests, which you can make a records request here.

Other functions of this office include:

  • Risk Management services and training; processing of all Claims against the City
  • Elections’ liaison with Snohomish County Auditor’s office and Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC)

Claims Against the City

The City Clerk is the designated agent for service of claims for damages made under RCW 4.96. For additional information or to obtain a Claims Form, contact the City Clerk at 425.263.8005 during normal business hours at Mukilteo City Hall, or by email.