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Business Inspections for Pollution Prevention & Source Control Program Requirements

What is the Source Control Program, and why is the City of Mukilteo implementing this program?

The local Source Control Program is a commercial, pollution prevention effort required by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Beginning in 2023, the City of Mukilteo and other NPDES permit holders are required to have a Source Control Program with the goal of helping businesses implement best management practices (BMPs), such as covering waste bins and reporting spills, to keep pollution out of rainwater. Spills or improperly stored waste travel into streams when it rains, and polluted rainwater can harm local watersheds and Puget Sound.

Program work will be carried out by the City of Mukilteo surface water team and will include inspections of commercial businesses and BMP technical support as needed. In addition to posting legally required notices, there will be updates to this webpage.

What types of businesses qualify for assistance?

Certain business types will need to have plans to keep pollutants out of stormwater. These include a wide variety of business types and commercial entities that:

In January 2023, the City sent postcards to qualifying businesses notifying them that they will be inspected in the 2023 calendar year. If you received a postcard in the mail about Pollution Prevention and Source Control for Businesses, it means your business qualifies. Business types that qualify for the Pollution Prevention and Source Control Program include, among others:

  • Dry cleaners
  • Auto and equipment repair, auto detail, auto body (see BMP poster for more details)
  • Gas stations
  • Food establishments (see BMP poster for more details)
  • Veterinarians and pet shops
  • Dentists and medical laboratories
  • Manufacturers and fabricators
  • Municipal sites
  • Commercial properties that border bodies of water
  • Mobile businesses

An example list of qualifying business types by industrial classification code can be found in Appendix 8 of the NPDES Permit.

Examples of common pollutants and associated BMPs include:

Will my inspection be scheduled?

Inspections will not be scheduled. A member of the City’s surface water team will visit qualifying businesses during non-peak hours.

As a business owner or operator, how do I prepare for my inspection?

No action is needed by businesses at this time. Starting in 2023, the City will reach out to qualifying businesses and provide free inspections and appropriate technical assistance regarding business practices that have the potential to cause stormwater pollution, even in small amounts. Businesses will be advised on the correct BMPs for managing stormwater runoff. Follow-up communications will be provided as the Source Control Program gets underway.

How do I request a spill kit?

The Source Control inspection will also include reviewing facility spill kits, spill plans, and employee training. Free assistance to develop your spill response plans and spill kits are available through the Mukilteo Public Works Department. Talk with your inspector on how to request a free spill kit and how to receive training.

What resources are available for businesses?

Clean Water Stewardship

Mukilteo online stormwater web map

Stormwater System Maintenance

NPDES Phase II Municipal permit (Ecology)

Puget Sound Starts Here

Best Management Posters for Commercial Businesses by Type

Will my business need to pay fines?

  • If the first request for voluntary compliance is not acted on, source control inspectors will begin the Civil Violations process as it is outlined in MMC13.12.240 Enforcement.

What Mukilteo Municipal Code applies to this Source Control Program?

The following Mukilteo Municipal Codes apply:

What is the anticipated timeline for Program and Code adoption?

This webpage will be updated regularly.


For additional information contact:

Zachariah Van Ry, Surface Water Technician



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