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Clean Water Stewardship

We all need to do our part to protect and improve the quality of water in our local creeks, lake and wetlands. Rainwater that runs off of our yards and streets flows into storm drains and directly into the nearest body of water without treatment. Preventing pollution from entering our waterways in the first place is the most effective way to protect our water resources.  You can help keep pollutants out of stormwater and keep our local waterways clean and healthy through simple daily actions.

Five Easy Things You Can Do

1. Report a Spill at 425-263-8088

2. Volunteer – Place Storm Drain Markers

          Email Matt Geiger, Surface Water Technician, or call 425-263-8082.

3. Pick Up After Your Pet

4. Practice Natural Yard Care 

5. Wash Your Car on Lawn or at Car Wash

Five Things the City Does

  1.  Maintain stormwater infrastructure.  Public Works staff protects water quality by removing dirt and pollutants from storm drains and storm facilities.
  2. Respond to all reported spills and illicit discharges.
  3. Follow the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination (NPDES) Permit.
  4. Review development projects to assure they to follow the most current regulations for stormwater management.
  5. Fund school programs, where Mukilteo students and teachers learn the importance of water quality and watershed health through fun and exciting field trips and classroom activities.
For more information:

Email Matt Geiger, Surface Water Technician


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