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Stormwater and Drainage Maintenance

The Surface Water Utility is responsible for maintaining all City-owned stormwater infrastructure, including over 4,500 catch basins, 55 miles of stormwater pipe, 120 surface water ponds, vaults, and detention pipes.  These structures are inspected and maintained on a regular basis.  Stormwater capital improvement projects are identified in the City’s Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan and re-prioritized regularly.

In addition, there are many privately-owned stormwater facilities in the City.  These ponds and underground vaults are the responsibility of private property owners, including Homeowner’s Associations, single family residences, and commercial properties.  If you have stormwater infrastructure on your property and are unsure of the maintenance responsibility, please contact the City’s Surface Water Technician at (425) 263-8085.

If you have an existing drainage problem, please submit a Service Request.