Downtown Waterfront Master Plan

The Mukilteo waterfront is an ever changing place. The waves, currents, tides, wildlife, boats and ferries all add to the richness of this special place. The City of Mukilteo sits on the shores of Possession Sound and is home to the Mukilteo / Clinton Ferry terminal served by State Route 525. This busy waterfront includes Lighthouse Park, Losvar Condominiums, the ferry terminal, restaurants, a hotel, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facilities, the recently transferred Tank Farm site, Edgewater Beach, and the Port of Everett’s Mount Baker Barge Rail Facility.

The Downtown Waterfront Master Plan describes a revitalized waterfront which includes: urban street front with local businesses, looped pedestrian promenade, bike lanes and playful waterfront uses. This allows you to experience the waterfront from an urban environment to a natural shoreline while focusing on connecting people both physically and thematically to the intrinsic natural, cultural and urban qualities that compose the past, present and future of the Mukilteo waterfront.

The City of Mukilteo created a Master Plan for the downtown waterfront. This Master Plan incorporates the changes regarding the location of the ferry and ferry loading areas, while also enhancing the pedestrian mobility. On January 4, 2016, the City Council adopted the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.

If you have comments regarding the plan, please contact Planning Manager Lauren Balisky by email or by phone at 425-263-8041.

Learn more by downloading the 2016 Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.