By The Way (BTW) Plan

Mukilteo has engaged in drafting the By The Way Plan to support opportunities for Biking, Transit, and Walking within our community. Currently over half of the population of Mukilteo live within 1/4 mile distance from bus stops, but we still prefer to drive. The BTW Plan will identify barriers that impede the accessibility of utilizing transit as well as improving our walking and biking routes for all ages, populations, and abilities.

Mukilteo strives to be a City with a complete and efficient network of safe, healthy, convenient, and enjoyable transportation options that provide equitable connectivity to pedestrians, transit users, cyclists, and motorists to and from the neighborhoods where they live, work, and play.

The By The Way Plan, or BTW Plan, identifies future projects that will meet the following goals:

  1. Projects will provide safe connection between neighborhoods, parks, commercial districts, transit stops, schools, and regional pedestrian and bicycle networks.
  2. Routes located within one half-mile of schools will identify projects to meet the principles and policies of Safe Routes to School.
  3. Project corridors will provide multi-modal facilities to promote the choice of travel mode within the community.
  4. Mukilteo Greenway signage and wayfinding will provide residents a sense of location and connection to better identify safe routes to move about the community.
BTW Policies:Cycling
  • The public right-of-way shall incorporate a “Complete Streets” policy that simultaneously serves people and commerce.
  • The transportation network shall accommodate all ages, populations, and abilities.
  • Projects that enhance connectivity shall be the first priority.
  • The City’s street standards shall be “Green Streets” requiring a range of low impact and environmentally friendly practices.

Project Update:

City Council Adoption
On March 6, 2017, the City Council voted 7-0-0 to adopt the BTW Plan with scrivener changes. The final plan is linked below:

Final By The Way Plan w-Appendix
Notice of Decision

February 23, 2017-
Following the Planning Commission Public Hearing, small changes were made to the BTW Plan to include an index page of projects, as well as improved photography. Please see the latest draft below:

Draft BTW Plan 2/23/17

October 17, 2016-
The BTW Plan has been drafted for public review. Along with this draft a Determination of Non-Significance regarding the environmental impact has been released for public comment until Wednesday, November 2, 2016. Below is a copy of the draft with the Notice of Application and the Determination on Non-Significance.

Draft Bike – Transit – Walk Plan 10-13-2016
Draft Bike – Transit – Walk Plan Appendix 10-13-2016
Notice of Application and Determination of Non-Significance
Revised SEPA Checklist


If you would like to be added to the Parties of Interest list and receive emails about upcoming meetings, please email Assistant Planner Karl Almgren.