Parks – Recreation – Open Space – Arts

The City Council Adopted the 2017 PROSA Plan on December 11, 2017 by Resolution 2017-14.

It has been almost six years since the city Council adopted the Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Arts Plan.  The PROSA Plan was written to meet eligibility for funding from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), including funding for continued development of the Waterfront.

From April 1 – Sept 31, 2023 the City of Mukilteo Recreation and Cultural Services Department is seeking public input to update the 2017 PROSA Plan.

The PROSA Acts as a roadmap for Parks and Recreation in the city.  It will impact neighborhoods, businesses, traffic, the environment, and you.  The Plan is also meant to reflect the vision and priorities of Mukilteo residents, while meeting requirement of state and federal law.

Click here to participate in the 10 min update Survey.

Adopted Document:

2017 PROSA Plan – Final
2017 PROSA Plan – Appendices

Project Contact:

Tony Trofimczuk
Recreation Director


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