2018 Sign Code Update

The City of Mukilteo began a public process to update the City’s Sign Code in 2018. This process is primarily in response to Reed v. Town of Gilbert, 576 U.S. (2015) (Reed Decision) which clarified the regulations of content based signage.

What Does This Code Update Mean?

Like many other cities, Mukilteo has recognized that certain signs serve different purposes and therefore are regulated differently.  For example, temporary signs have historically been regulated differently based on their intent. The Reed Decision requires the code to apply regulations equally regardless of the content. The Sign Code Update will simplify these regulations and be applied equally to signage that is commercial, non-commercial, and political signage.

Public Participation at Open HouseWhat Are The Goals With The Sign Code Update?

  • Simplify the Code and Improve Readability
  • Update Based on Reed v. Gilbert Supreme Court Decision
  • Implement Improvements Based on Public Outreach

What Public Outreach Opportunities Will There Be?

The City of Mukilteo values input from the public for how code amendments area constructed. The City gathered information at an open house, online survey, and focus groups in 2018. In 2019, public meetings will be held with the Planning Commission and City Council.

Where Can I Learn More About the Reed Decision?

One source of information regarding the decision is the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC). You can learn more by visiting MRSC’s Webpage on Up-To-Date Sign Code.

How Can I Stay Informed?

Please email the Permit Center at permittech@mukilteowa.gov to become a ‘Party of Interest’. This will mean you will receive emails as the code amendment progresses.



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