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If you have an immediate threat to life or property, DIAL 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, DIAL 425-407-3999.

Administration provides administrative and managerial direction for the Fire Department.  Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the responsibilities assigned to Administration are budget development and management, strategic planning, personnel management, operational performance reporting, and coordination with outside entities.  The Fire Chief is also the City’s designated Emergency Management Coordinator and directs disaster planning and response.

2018 Goals and Objectives

  • Honor the department’s history while making changes in the physical environment, ourselves and operations to prepare the department for the future.
    • Exterior painting and station repair issues.
    • Continue to support opportunities for regional and national education and training opportunities for all personnel.
  • Work with City Council on strategic matters for the department.
    • Consideration of EMS Levy Re-authorization.
    • Developing facility renewal multi-year plans.
    • EMS service enhancements to the community.
  • Work with other city departments on administrative refinements in the department.
  • Continue WAC 296-305 Safety Standards for Firefighters compliance efforts.
    • Complete the adoption of updated policies and procedures.
    • Re-examine station environments for opportunities to improve safety.
  • Continue to improve the city’s ability to respond to a large-scale incident or disaster in partnership with Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management.
    • Continue Map Your Neighborhood classes in the community.
    • Continue Emergency Management and Emergency Operations Center training and education opportunities for elected officials and staff.
  • Monitor inter-local agreements (ILAs) to ensure service to the city.
  • Continue the work on the wellness/fitness program consistent with NFPA 1500.