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Development Regulations

Basalt Fountain at City Hall

Development in Mukilteo is regulated by the Mukilteo Municipal Code, and by many other State and Federal Regulations. The Mukilteo Municipal Code provides regulatory requirements for development including setbacks, height, and minimum lot size. From this website you can navigate to review the following:

  • Mukilteo Municipal Code – Most Viewed:
    • Title 15 – Building and Construction
    • Title 16 – Subdivisions and Planning
    • Title 17 – Zoning
    • Title 17b – Shoreline Management Regulations (within 200ft of shoreline)
    • Title 18 – Land Use Enforcement
  • Zoning Map (Interactive) – Zoning Districts applied to Mukilteo regarding the character and land uses within each district. A Printable Zoning Map (PDF) is also available.
  • Critical Areas Mitigation Program (CAMP) – This program provides opportunity and flexibility for development to provide off-site mitigations for unavoidable impacts to wetlands in order to develop in-fill properties.
  • Development Services & Standards In addition to the Mukilteo Municipal Code, the City utilizes development standards that includes regulations on surface water, right-of-way, grading, and general site development.


File: https://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/Zoning-Map.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/zoning-map/