“Stanley” Provides Comfort to Mukilteo Seniors

On August 6, 2019, Residents of Mukilteo’s Harbour Pointe Senior Living began receiving visits from “Stanley” every Tuesday from 10:00AM to 11:00AM. Stanley is actually a fun and friendly dog brought to the senior center by Mukilteo Police Animal Control Officer Shanita Duke who rescued him when he was 7 weeks old. She brings Stanley, who is almost 4, to Harbour Pointe Senior Living to visit residents and provide comfort in a way only a friendly dog can.

When Stanley enters the room smiles and verbal responses of joy are the immediate responses. This is just part of the objective. Comfort dogs have been known to provide multiple physical and emotional therapeutic benefits.  Stanley meets Mukilteo Seniors

“I’m excited to bring Stanley to our seniors once a week. The smiles, laughter, and excitement that is generated when he is there is heartwarming and I look forward to our visit every week”, said Animal Control Officer Shanita Duke.

Dog petting triggers a relaxation effect while the increase in movement can produce physical health benefits. Additionally, pet interaction can reduce boredom and loneliness, decrease anxiety, and encourage communication.

Harbour Pointe Senior Living Business Office Director Ann Caiola said, “Stanley gets so excited when he comes here and our residents love him!”

Stanley is a Pitbull who shares his home with 2 Bullmastiffs, 2 African Gray Parrots and 9 chickens. He is very helpful at home, making sure “his” hens get safely into their coop each night. He also saved one of his hens from a hawk attack.

For more information about the Mukilteo Police Department contact Crime Prevention Officer Myron Travis at 425.263.8104 or email crimeprevention@mukilteowa.gov.



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