Sound Transit System Access Fund Online Open House Through August 23

People get to Link light rail, Sounder commuter trains, Regional Express buses, and bus rapid transit (BRT) in many ways. Some walk, roll, or bike, while others transfer from local buses, are picked up or dropped off, or park near stations. Safe and easy connections help increase ridership by making transit an attractive alternative to driving.

To improve these connections, the 2016 voter-approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3) System Plan included a System Access Fund for projects such as safe sidewalks, protected bike lanes, shared-use paths, bus transfer facilities, and new pickup and drop-off areas. Vehicle parking is not eligible for funding from the System Access Fund.

Provide Your Input on ST Funding Projects

The purpose of this online open house is for you and your neighbors to learn more about the System Access Fund and provide Sound Transit with input that will help determine how these resources are distributed. This online open house will be open through August 23, 2019. Your input will be shared with the Sound Transit Board of Directors who will decide which projects get funding.

Mukilteo has 2 Sound Transit projects under consideration:

Please access the online open house at the link above and vote for those projects that are the most important to you.

Sound Transit Access Fund

The System Access Fund is allocated equally among Sound Transit’s five subareas for projects that improve access to transit. In this first round of funding, the Sound Transit Board of Directors will allocate between $0 and $10 million per subarea for a total of up to $50 million.

Earlier in 2019, Sound Transit opened a call for projects to solicit proposals from local governments and transit agencies. Sound Transit received 53 applications from 33 jurisdictions totaling more than $86 million in requests. We are asking for your input to help determine which projects should receive System Access Funds.



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