Snohomish County Charter Review Commission to Meet in Mukilteo

News!This year, Snohomish County is reviewing its charter, which can be considered our county constitution.  Last November, voters elected 15 people to the Charter Review Commission, which has been meeting since January. On April 6, the Commission will meet at Mukilteo City Hall at 7 p.m., to hear ideas from constituents for the charter.  Among items to be considered are term limits, increasing the number of County Councilmembers, eligibility for office, and more. The public is encouraged to attend this week’s meeting to learn more about the Commission’s work and share your opinion about proposed charter changes, which includes Mayor Gregeson’s proposal to hold a public vote before any sale or transfer of Paine Field Airport. “The airport is an important county asset, and voters should weigh in before changes occur,” stated the Mayor.  “You might not realize the Paine Field Community Council meets three times a year and receives updates from airport staff. They rarely take action, and don’t often report on their activities.  I believe more involvement and action from the Community Council will make for a better airport and a better community.” The Charter Review Commission generally meets the first and third Wednesdays at 7 p.m. at the County Council Chambers in Everett.  Mayor Jennifer Gregerson is the Commission Chair. For more information about the Charter Review Commission, click here.    


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