MWWD Possession View Place Water Main Replacement

The Mukilteo Water and Wastewater District’s (District) Contractor, Kar-Vel Construction, Inc. is scheduled to begin construction on the Possession View Lane Water Main Project on Monday, April 6th. This project will replace the 1960 6” Cast Iron water main in Possession View Place and a portion of Washington Avenue, South of 17th Place, with new 8” Ductile Iron water main. We anticipate the Construction to take three to five weeks, weather dependent.

The construction operations for this project will impact traffic in/along the streets named above and the general area surrounding them. The new pipe is to be installed in the existing pavement. Once completed, the entire surface of the impacted traffic lane will be re-paved in. The Contractor will do the best they can to provide local access during construction. Residents will continue to have uninterrupted water service during the project with the exception of an approximate 20 minute interruption towards the end of the project to switch the services over to the new main.
Some traffic lanes will be temporarily closed during construction with flaggers helping to direct traffic around the work zones. There will be some temporary/short term loss of parking as equipment is utilized and the pipes are installed along the streets.

Contact for Questions:
There is never a good time for these types of projects. They are essential and necessary for the District to continue to supply reliable, safe and clean water for both consumption and firefighting. The District appreciates your understanding and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact Operations/Engineering Manager Rick Matthews at or 425-355-3355 for any questions or concerns with the project. Updates on the project will be available periodically on our website at




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