Mukilteo to Partner with State for Business Licenses

On February 1, 2018, the City of Mukilteo will no longer process new business license applications or renewals. Instead, the City has partnered with the State’s Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing service (BLS) to offer an online, simpler application process.

“The Department of Revenue has created many efficiencies for City staff and our residents in dealing with state or city business licenses,” stated Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “The previous process was totally manual, requiring many staff hours to copy, stuff envelopes and process checks. Once we move to the BLS system, our Finance staff will be able to focus on other internal process improvements, and our residents will have a one-stop shopping experience instead of working with the state and city separately.”

Local businesses will now be able to apply for a city license online along with other state and local licenses that partner with BLS. Residents with a city business license will receive a renewal letter from BLS with an explanation of how to renew online using an electronic check (e-check) or credit card. The cost basis to apply for or renew a city business license remains the same, based on the number of employees.

Some business license customers may see their expiration date prorated to match the BLS expiration date of any state licenses. Renewals for less than a full year will not have additional fees charged; renewal for 12 or more months will be charged an $11 processing fee to cover BLS’ costs, including printing, processing and postage.

For more information, please visit the BLS website or call BLS at 1-800-451-7985. For other questions about the City of Mukilteo, please contact the Mayor’s office at (425) 263-8000 or email the Mayor .


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