Mukilteo NOAA Research Station Receives $35.5M for New Construction

Congressman Rick Larsen and Senator Patty Murray announced last month that full funding of the construction of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Mukilteo Research Station was approved by Congress. Congressman Larsen received the news via a letter from the Commerce Department confirming the funding. All three of Washington federal delegation, including Senator Maria Cantwell, have been strong supporters of the new facility to be built on the Mukilteo waterfront.

Over the past several years, Mayor Jennifer Gregerson and City Councilmembers have traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with NOAA and federal legislators to encourage them to support the new research station that would advance cutting-edge research on marine wildlife, habitat and the thousands of maritime jobs.

The Mukilteo Research Station supports regional commercial and recreational fishing industries, and will continue to conduct studies on climate change, pollution migration, and rebuilding marine ecosystems.  Researchers at the Mukilteo Research Station have conducted studies on compromised water quality and how it affects fish habitat, particularly endangered Pacific salmon.

In 2017, Congress appropriated $4.5M for the design and site work, and through fiscal year 2019, Congress appropriated $35.5M for completion of the project.  NOAA directed the remaining $4.5M to complete the funding for the $40M facility.


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