Mayor Gregerson’s Message to Mukilteo About Reopening the City

We have all done well to limit cases and deaths from COVID. It feels like a distant memory, but our state used to be the home of the highest number of cases in the country. We are now not even in the top ten, and that is thanks to the steps we have all taken- staying home, closing our businesses, and staying apart. I know it has been truly challenging and at times, painful.

There are steps we can take now to prepare ourselves and our city to reopen, slowly and safely. It’s important to hold steady and to keep following the public health guidelines and data that have informed our actions so far. That data is what our state will use to determine safe next steps to re-open the economy.

Be assured, your City government and leadership team is working very closely together, and we are closely linked with Snohomish County, the Snohomish Health District, and other mayors and regional partners on our plan for dialing our economy back up and reopening our businesses as soon as it is determined we may do so safely. This process will be a sector-based, gradual and phased-in approach – with testing, tracing, monitoring and evaluating – to ensure that we don’t trigger a resurgence of COVID-19.

Our Governor hasn’t offered specifics or dates, and you can only trust my predictions so far! I know we are all looking for information, so I’ll throw this out there. My sense is that residential construction will reopen on May 4 or in the following seven days (I think May 12 is more likely). I think retail might open 3 weeks after that. I think other sectors will open in another 3 weeks after that. September and school reopening might be when we get to large public gatherings again. All of this will restart or be dialed back if cases rise or we see new outbreaks. Part of the challenge for the state is to institute the testing and contact tracing so they can lock down any case outbreaks and be able to keep things open while they deal with new cases.

I will continue to keep you updated, to share all that I know. If you would like to receive Mayor Gregerson’s daily COVID-19 updates, send her an email to be added to the distribution list. The City’s COVID-19 page is also a good one-stop shop for information.


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