Mayor Gregerson Sends Safe Storage Message

City of Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson is encouraging gun owners to securely store firearms in order to keep guns out of the hands of children and teens to prevent unintentional shootings and gun related suicides. While responsible gun owners always store their firearms locked, unloaded and separately from ammunition, it is even more important right now with so many students home from school.

“During this public health emergency, children and teens are spending a lot of time isolated from friends and extended family. As adults, we are responsible for keeping children safe. It is a good idea to assume children and teens know where guns are stored and to keep them unloaded, locked and separate from ammunition”, said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.

Resent data suggests that secure storage practices for firearms are associated with reduced rates of unintentional firearm discharge, self-inflected firearm injuries, and a reduction in child firearm suicide.

“We should all do our part to keep firearms safely away from those who shouldn’t have access to them. The Mukilteo Police Department provides free cable locks to community members upon request”, said Police Chief Cheol Kang.

For more information about free gun locks or the Mukilteo Police Department contact Crime Prevention Officer Myron Travis at 425.263.8100 or email


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