City of Mukilteo Seeks Resident Volunteers for Long-Range Financial Planning Committee

The City of Mukilteo is pleased to announce the formation of a Long-Range Financial Planning Committee and is inviting Mukilteo residents to apply for three volunteer positions on the Committee.

The Committee, comprised of three City Councilmembers, three Mukilteo resident volunteers, and three administration staff members, will play a role in shaping the City’s financial future. Their primary objective is to develop a Long-Range Financial Plan for Mukilteo. It’s important to note that the Committee will not make budget decisions on behalf of the city council but will instead focus on strategic planning and analysis.

Key responsibilities of the Committee include:

  • Reviewing City funding sources
  • Discussing significant revenue and expenditure assumptions included in the budget
  • Examining similar plans issued by other cities
  • Assessing City policies related to fund balances or reserves

“The Long-Range Financial Planning Committee is an excellent opportunity for Mukilteo residents to contribute directly to the future of Mukilteo,” said Mayor Joe Marine. “We encourage individuals with an interest in financial planning to apply.”

The Committee will meet once per month until the Long-Range Financial Plan is completed and approved by the City Council.

To apply for one of the resident volunteer positions on the Long-Range Financial Planning Committee, please visit and select the Long-Range Financial Planning Committee option. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 15.

For more information, contact Nick Nehring, the City’s Communications & Outreach Coordinator, at


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