Attention Student Artists!

The City of Mukilteo would like to feature your drawings in our 2024 Comprehensive Plan – the document that will guide development for the next 20 years.

We’re looking for drawings to feature in each chapter of the plan:

– Introduction (drawings of the Lighthouse or other places you like to visit)
– Land Use (drawings of your neighborhood, favorite parks, or store/restaurant you visit)
– Housing (drawings of your house or apartment)
– Capital facilities (drawings of City Hall, firetrucks, police cars, etc.)
– Utilities (drawings of water faucets, light switches, stoves, bathtubs, etc.)
– Transportation (drawings of bikes, cars, buses, trains, ferries, etc.)
– Climate Change (drawings of weather features such as sun, rain, wind, etc.)

To submit your art, please email by Friday, April 19th with:

1. Your name and age
2. Your art in digital format (designed to print on a standard 8½ x 11” page)

We will feature selected drawings in the document as a reminder that the work we are doing now will influence the living, employment, and recreation options today’s students will have in 2044.


Thank you for your upload