Action Needed: Ensure Federal Broadband Map Correctly Represents Your Household

Deadline January 13, 2023

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released an updated National Broadband Map. The federal government will use this map to distribute billions in funding to close broadband access gaps throughout the country. Potential inaccuracies in the map could mean Snohomish County loses access to significant funding to expand broadband access to under- and unserved households.

We need your help to ensure the FCC’s map is accurate. If you have a moment, please check the accuracy of your household and/or business on the FCC’s map. It’s especially important that you do this if you have low to no internet access at your home. If you know someone in Snohomish County who has little or no internet access, please help them check the accuracy of their household.

To check – and potentially challenge – the broadband accuracy of your household/business, take the following steps:

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Enter your address in the bar at the top of the map.
  3. Review the information on your address to determine whether:
    1. The location of your address is correct, and
    2. Your broadband status is correct. If the FCC believes your address has access to broadband, you will see a green “Served” box.
  4. If your address and/or broadband service is incorrect, click “Location Challenge” and complete the information requested by the FCC. We recommend including as much detail as you’re comfortable with.
  5. Submit the challenge.

Residents with questions about the map or challenge process should review this information from the FCC:

By checking the accuracy of the National Broadband Map – and submitting a challenge if necessary – you can help support Snohomish County’s work to secure needed funding for broadband expansion projects.


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