Application Date Extended for Stormwater Advisory Committee

COMMITTEE ROLE:  The committee will review technical documents, and provide input on important stormwater issues in the city. This input will help develop a vision for the stormwater utility.  Residents and business owners are encouraged to apply.  Committee members will be expected to attend five meetings in the next 18 months.  These meetings will typically be held on weekday evenings, and will last one to two hours each.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The City is developing its 2024 Stormwater Comprehensive Plan. The Plan will set goals and priorities for future use of stormwater utility funds.  This update will include:

  • incorporating Clean Water Act requirements,
  • setting utility policies,
  • defining 6-year and 20-year capital project list,
  • defining levels of service, and
  • conducting a stormwater utility rate study.

SUBMITTAL:  Applications are open from May 27, 2022 and are due by June 27, 2022 at 3:30 pm.   If you need a paper application, please contact Tacea Wall at 425-263-8170.



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