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Harbour Reach Drive Improvements – Request for Statement of Qualifications

Request for Qualifications – PDF
Harbour Reach Drive Improvements
Deadline: 2:00 pm, January 5th, 2021

The City of Mukilteo is requesting qualifications (RFQ) from qualified professionals or firms to provide professional services for the design and engineering of the Harbour Reach Drive Improvements project, with the option for construction management and inspection services. Grant funding requires the design and construction to be completed in 2021. It is anticipated that this agreement will be for approximately five (5) months in duration with the option for the City of Mukilteo to extend it for additional time and money, if necessary.

The consultant will be expected to prepare contract plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) to repair /resurface Harbour Reach Drive and Chennault Beach Road between Harbour Pt. Blvd SW and Harbour Pt. Blvd with hot-mix asphalt (HMA), re-channelize the existing roadway from a three lane section to two lanes and two bicycle lanes, and upgrade non-compliant curb ramps to ADA standards as required.

The design and construction phases of this project will be funded through a Federal Surface Transportation Program Preservation grant (STP) and local funds. Therefore, all aspects of this project will need to comply with the requirements of the funding agencies, including the Federal Highway Administration.  The DBE goal has been set to zero for the design work on this project.

The Harbour Reach Drive Improvements project serves the high-density residential neighborhood of Bay Court and is the student exit route for Kamiak High School, providing direct access to multiple commercial and industrial employers within the Harbour Pointe Master Planned Community. It is one of the main commuter routes in Mukilteo, serving businesses and residences alike. The north portion of the project area is served by Community Transit bus route 113. Designated as an urban collector, it has an estimated average daily traffic of 5,000 vehicles per day with a speed limit of 35 mph.

With a significant volume of truck traffic, as well as being a transit route, the existing pavement is deteriorating at a more rapid rate than anticipated with significant fatigue cracking and some isolated areas showing complete failure. The project is expected to include grind and inlay (HMA) with isolated areas of full depth repair, coupled with upgrading non-compliant ADA curb ramps.

While this project is fundamentally a preservation project, it is also a critical link in the cities non-motorized plan for both recreational and commuter cyclists. The Harbour Reach Drive Retrofit is identified in the City’s “By the Way” (BTW) Plan and designates this road as a safe bicycle route alternative to the congested SR 525 corridor which has numerous driveway access points.

These planned improvements complement the Harbour Reach Corridor project currently under construction. The corridor project creates a completed north-south link between Beverly Park Road and Harbour Pointe Blvd. SW.

Existing Harbour Reach Drive

Conceptual Harbour Reach Drive

Project Description
The project will rehabilitate pavement on a primary connecting corridor, provide dedicated bicycle facilities, and upgrade ADA facilities to current standards.

This project improvements include the following elements:

• repair /resurface Harbour Reach Drive with hot-mix asphalt (HMA)
• restripe the existing pavement, converting the three-lane section to two lanes and two bicycle lanes
• upgrade non-compliant curb ramps to ADA standards as needed

The project is approximately one mile in length and all work will be constructed within existing right-of-way.

Scope of Work
The consultant should have the capability to complete the entire design, develop preliminary and final contract plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) and complete the environmental permitting and documentation needed for NEPA approval. The consultant, at the option of the City, may be contracted to provide construction management and inspection support services.

The Scope of Work will include, at a minimum, the following elements:

1. Project Management
2. Public Outreach (Optional)
3. Site Assessment

• Pavement Evaluation and Design
• ADA Facilities Evaluation and Design

4. Environmental Permitting and Documentation (NEPA)
5. Engineering and Design

• Surveying and Base mapping
• Utility Coordination
• Plans Specifications & Estimate
• Final Construction Documents

6. Bidding Support
7. Construction Management & Inspection (Optional)

The selected firm will need to have the resources that will enable it to complete tasks quickly and be extremely responsive. The firm will need to be able to accomplish this work independent of City staff support, other than oversight by the City’s project manager. The City’s project manager will lead the overall process and will be the nexus through which all public involvement and agency coordination occurs.

The following schedule, except the deadline for the RFQ Submittals, is tentative and may be changed based on the number of responses received.

January 5, 2020: 2:00 PM
Deadline for RFQ submittals
January 11thReview of responses complete
January 20/21 Interviews
January 22 - February 12Selection of firm and Negotiation of contract
March 1stCity Council award of contract
March 8thNotice to Proceed

Procedures for Submittal
If interested in responding to this RFQ, submit an email to Connie Bowers, Assistant City Engineer, at cbowers@mukilteowa.gov, no later than 2:00 pm on January 5th, 2021 indicating your interest in the project. Emails shall include:

1. Email Body Text:

a. Firm name;
b. Contact Information;
c. A link to your website;
d. A list of any firms which you may be teaming with;
i. Links to their websites

2. Email Attachments:

a. A cover letter that briefly describes your interest in the project (limited to one page, minimum 10-point font).
b. The firms expected approach to the project (limited to 2 pages, minimum 10-point font)
c. A list, with a short description, of at least three projects which closely relate to the above described project, including references (limited to 3 pages, minimum 10-point font)
d. Key personnel expected to be assigned to this project; availability, resumes, and references (limited to 4 pages, minimum 10-point font)

For your records, the City will provide a confirmation email confirming receipt of your interest in the proposal. Emails received after 2:00 pm on January 5th, 2021  and all hard/paper copy submittals will be disregarded.

Selection Process
A committee of City personnel will evaluate and rate the proposals using the following criteria:

1. Consultant Interest
2. Firms’ Project Approach
3. Consultant Experience with similar projects
4. Project Manager/Team Members availability, ability, experience, and reputation

Following evaluation of the RFQ Responses, the City will select up to three firms for virtual interviews.

Contract negotiations will take place with the top-rated consultant. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the City reserves the right to terminate negotiations and open discussion with the next-highest rated consultant. This process will continue until successful contracts are negotiated or the City terminates the process.

Direct all inquiries regarding this request for qualifications to Connie Bowers, P.E., Assistant City Engineer at cbowers@mukilteowa.gov or 425.263-8080.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information
The City of Mukilteo in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), commits to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability, in all of its programs and activities. This material can be made available in an alternate format by emailing Carol Moore at cmoore@mukilteowa.gov or by calling 425-263-8005.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The City of Mukilteo in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation, subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, Part 21, nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs of the Department of Transportation issued pursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises as defined at 49 CFR Part 26 will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, national origin or sex in consideration for an award.

The City of Mukilteo encourages disadvantaged, minority, and women owned consultant firms to apply.

The City of Mukilteo reserves the right to reject any and all RFQ Responses and to waive irregularities and informalities in the submittal and evaluation process. This solicitation for Consultant Services does not obligate the City of Mukilteo to pay any costs incurred by respondents in the preparation and submission of an RFQ Response. This solicitation does not obligate the City of Mukilteo to accept or contract for any expressed or implied services. Furthermore, the City of Mukilteo reserves the right to award the contract to the next most qualified Consultant if the selected Consultant does not execute a contract within thirty (30) days after the award of the proposal.

Appendix – Supplemental Material

  1.  Google Street View available – this link starts on Harbour Pointe Blvd SW at the intersection with Harbour Reach Dr.
  2. Contract Template ……
    WSDOT Local Programs: template for Cost Plus Fixed Fee Consultant Agreements for A&E Professional Services
  3.  The consultant selected must have an ICR that is compliant with 48 CFR Part 31 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), or has been approved through the Safe Harbor program.
File: https://mukilteowa.gov/wp-content/uploads/Harbour-Reach-RFQ-1.pdf
Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/news/request-for-qualifications-harbour-reach-drive-improvements-project/harbour-reach-rfq-2/

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