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Mukilteo Police Department Youth Academy Application

Thank you for your interest in our Youth Police Academy. It is our desire to reach out to the young people in our community to enhance our important relationship. Through interaction and criminal justice education, our goal is to inspire good citizenship and positive life goals. This program demands the very best from its participants.

Therefore, students must meet the following qualifications:

1. Students must be a student within the Mukilteo School District with priority given to Mukilteo residents.

2. Students must be in High School (age 14-18) and maintain at least a “C” average. Students
who are below a “C” average can ask for a waiver. You must contact SRO A. Dodds.

3. Students must not have been arrested or referred to the Denny Youth Juvenile Justice Court.

4. Students must not be involved with substance abuse, i.e., smoking, alcohol, and drugs.


Mukilteo Police Department Youth Academy Application

Please complete this online form to be considered as a participant in one of our Youth Academies. By signing this form, you authorize the Mukilteo Police Department and its agents to conduct a review of this application for the purpose of confirming that you are of good character. You also release the City of Mukilteo from any liability which may arise out of the background investigation and recommendations, including liability from negative recommendation based on erroneous information.
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  • We ask for the date of your birth as part of the background investigation we do for each applicant. We do not require your social security number.
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