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Resources for General Businesses and Construction

General Businesses – FAQs

Be sure to read instructions from the State Department of Labor & Industries about face mask and coverings requirements.

Is the State providing businesses with some assistance to reopen?
ScaleUp, COVID-19 Edition: The State’s Department of Commerce has created ScaleUp to help small businesses navigate the current economic climate while building resiliency. One hundred businesses across the state will be able to register for the online classes. The virtual classroom will help owners improve their strategic thinking and decision-making, create operational efficiencies and strengthen the bottom line in times of uncertainty.  The ideal candidate for ScaleUp is the president/owner of a business that has been in operation for two years and has annual revenues in excess of $100,000. To register, click on the blue ScaleUp link above; registration for the free course opens Thursday, April 30 at 10 a.m.

What’s new with Governor’s Inslee’s re-opening businesses plan?

Read all of the Governor’s guidelines on reopening HERE.

Workplace safety and health complaints may be submitted to the L&I Call Center: (1-800-423-7233) or by email: adag235@lni.wa.gov. It can be an anonymous complaint. Be sure to include business name and address and details about the violation. General questions about how to comply with construction safety practices can contact the state’s Business Response Center.

I am a small independent business owner and my business is considered non-essential, but I see other business owners in my line of work violating the order and conducting business.
The state asks people to voluntarily comply. If you are concerned about a violation, you may file a complaint through the governor’s violation reporting site and it will be addressed through that system.

How do I know if my business is essential?
Learn if your business is essential. If you would you like to request to be essential,  fill out this form to petition this issue.

If I am doing essential services work and park my truck out front and someone calls the Police, will I be ticketed?
We are instructing the public not to call the Police if they see what they believe is nonessential business activity. However, if the Police were called and were to respond, they would focus on informing the workers about the Governor’s Order and seek voluntary compliance, not on tickets.

I own a dance studio/gymnastics facility. Can I offer private lessons if the total number of people in the facility do not exceed 50 and I ensure proper cleaning, sanitizing and social distancing?
Yes, during Phase 2 of the Governor’s reopening plan.  Read the COVID-19 Fitness and Training requirements here.

Are there some FAQs for employers about COVID-19?
Comprehensive and updated FAQs from Fisher Phillips.

What help does the City provide small business during this time?

  • The City, the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce and other groups have created an online resource for restaurants that are open. We encourage residents to buy takeout, delivery and/or ‘buy forward’ by purchasing local gift cards to be used when businesses reopen.
  • The Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce has an outstanding website with links and other support systems, including information about COVID-19 specific loans and grants. Please check out their website.

I own a restaurant. What if one of my workers gets sick?
Public Health – Seattle/King County has an excellent resource.

What are best practices my restaurant should know about food pickup and/or delivery?
The FDA has an excellent resource for best practices for restaurants and food trucks who offer food pickup.

I manage a grocery store. What resources are there to help me monitor the health of my employees and help my customers?
The State of Washington has provided some handy guidelines for your employees and customers to keep them safe from COVID-19.

Can I go to work and pick up a few things?
Yes, be sure to wear a mask and if possible, disinfect your work station.

Can I do commercial janitorial cleaning?
Yes. If it a single person and the clients are not present.

Some of my customers speak a language other than English or have a hearing deficit. Do you have some resources to help us?
The State of Washington has some handy resources to help you communicate with your English as a second language or hearing deficit customers.


Please tell me about Governor’s Inslee’s plan to allow some construction projects to reopen.

Read the Governor’s Phase 1 Construction Restart Job Site Requirements for COVID-19, as well as his office’s FAQs for the construction industry.

General questions about how to comply with construction safety practices can contact the state’s Business Response Center.

Read Governor’s Inslee’s Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Guidelines.

Can workers be constructing projects now?
Most public projects (such as road repair) are presumed to be critical and may move forward under the Governor’s order.  Also, some types of projects can continue forward to at least ensure that the project is in safe condition and not likely to result in spoliation, danger, or need for repairs.  In addition, some types of commercial construction, as well as repair and replacement projects, are allowed.  However, many other types of construction work are halted during the current Governor’s orders.  The City’s permitting website has a general notice about this at: https://ci-mukilteo-wa.smartgovcommunity.com/ApplicationPublic/ApplicationHome

Can City building or engineering inspections occur now?
City inspections of current building or engineering projects may occur under limited conditions.  Conditions include consistency with criteria in the Governor’s order and ability to carry out the inspection with COVID-19 protocols in place.  More specific details and a new inspection request form are online at: https://mukilteowa.gov/departments/planning-development/permits/

What if I see someone building or doing repair/replacement work?
If you think that a construction or repair project is actively proceeding and it might not be allowed by the Governor’s order, you have at least three choices:  (1) Talk with the workers or owner to ask if their work complies with the Order; (2) Report the activity to the City’s code enforcement officer at: cv19violations@mukilteowa.gov or (3) Report the activity to the Governor’s office at:  https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/09349a1c56844b539fea1c2cabd16d56.

Other Resources

Support our local restaurants that are open for take out or delivery: access this list https://discovermukilteo.org/2020/03/17/what-restaurants-are-open/ developed by city staff with great support from business owners in the community.

This is another countywide link, https://localsnoco.com/ with similar info.

Governor Jay Inslee issued a statewide emergency proclamation to temporarily shut down restaurants, bars and entertainment and recreational facilities.  Governor Inslee also announced a further executive order expanding on orders from last week. He announced the ban will decrease in size to prohibit all events of 50 or larger statewide. Additionally, all gatherings with under 50 participants are prohibited unless criteria from the CDC for public health and social distancing are met.

Governor Inslee expanded the ban on events larger than 250 beyond the Puget Sound region to the entire state.

Governor Inslee  announced new community strategies and social distancing plans, including prohibiting events and gatherings of 250 people or more that take place in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties. This order applies to gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational activities, including but are not limited to: community, civic, public, leisure, faith-based, or sporting events; parades; concerts; festivals; conventions; fundraisers and similar activities.  On March 13, that order expanded to all of Washington state.

Resources for businesses impacted by COVID-19:

Name of ResourceTopic of LinkWeb Link
Snohomish Health District Important Business FAQsFAQs for Snohomish County Business Owners
Snohomish CountyCOVID-19 Business ResourcesLocal Snohomish County
Small Business AssociationFact Sheet about SBA Loans Small Business Association Disaster Loans Fact Sheet
Washington State Department of RevenueBusiness & Tax Relief During COVID-19Tax Relief During COVID-19
Employment Security DepartmentFor Workers Affected by COVID-19Employee Unemployment Information
State of WashingtonGeneral Business InquiriesBusiness Inquiries
Public Health - Seattle & King CountyPublic Health Signs for Businesses to PostPublic Health Signs
Centers for Disease Control & PreventionHow to Properly Disinfect Your BusinessEnvironmental Cleaning & Disinfection Recommendations

Public health resources, information and guidelines for businesses and employers:


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Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/resources-for-businesses/

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