Water & Sewer Main Construction at Shelby and Picnic Point Roads

Please be aware that Alderwood Water & Wastewater District (AWWD) is replacing water and sewer mains along Picnic Point and Shelby Roads between 52nd Avenue West and Highway 99 in Lynnwood.  A detour starts at Lincoln Way, and local access is allowed between Lincoln Way and Shelby Road.  This project should be completed by August 6.

Summary of the Project

According to AWWD, the purpose of this construction is to improve water and sewer service to the Picnic Point/Shelby Road neighborhood.  Local traffic impacts may include temporary lane and full road closures, although access will be maintained for residents, emergency traffic, mail and garbage service at all times.

For information about this project, contact Construction Manager Bob Hastings from AWWD at 425.478.6271, or Anderson Arifin at 206.354.6602.  This is not a City of Mukilteo project; please direct all calls to AWWD at the numbers listed. A description of the project is available below.

Shelby Picnic Point Road Main Replacements


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