Sound Transit Announces Online Survey for Mukilteo Sounder Parking and Improvement Projects

Sound Transit announced that it has an online “open house” and survey to give residents the opportunity to offer input on potential projects at the Mukilteo and Edmonds Sounder Stations. Sound Transit is investing $40 million to improve access to the Edmonds and Mukilteo stations for riders, whether they walk, bike, use transit, are dropped off, or drive. This investment could come in the form of direct Sound Transit construction of new facilities or by providing funding to another agency or local government to build an improvement. The $40 million will be split between Mukilteo and Edmonds, not necessarily in equal amounts.

The City of Mukilteo is encouraging residents to click on the link below and participate in the open house/survey about projects that will affect Mukilteo; you will also have the opportunity to let your opinion be known about projects for Edmonds.

Online Open House and Survey

The online survey will be available through November 4, 2019. Click on the blue link above to participate.

In-Person Open House at Rosehill on October 30

The public is also invited to attend an in-person open house to talk to Sound Transit staff about the projects on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 from 5pm to 7pm in the Christiansen Room at Rosehill Community Center, located at 304 Lincoln Avenue, Mukilteo.  Please reach out to Sound Transit at (206) 398-5000 if you have a disability which may limit your participation in this meeting so that a reasonable accommodation can be made for you.

Mukilteo Sounder Projects Under Consideration

Examples of projects Sound Transit is recommending for funding in Mukilteo include:

  • new parking locations
  • 5th street bike lane and shared-use path
  • sidewalks and bus stop enhancements along Mukilteo Speedway/SR525
  • new bus stops and scheduling coordination with Community Transit and/or Everett Transit

The online open house is the latest step in a process that started in early 2019, when Sound Transit started working with local partners and the community to identify potential access improvements that would best meet the goal of increasing ridership on Sounder North and improving access to Sounder by multiple modes of transportation. Sound Transit hosted an online open house and survey last spring and held several events to inform the public about the project and gather feedback on priorities. Project Update

Sound Transit is currently in the planning phase and has identified and evaluated potential access improvements for each station. Those evaluations, combined with the feedback collected through this online open house and other public outreach efforts, will inform the Sound Transit Board’s decision-making as it advances a package of access improvements into environmental review in 2020. The public will have an opportunity to comment during environmental review. The Sound Transit Board will make the final decision on which projects to build or fund in 2021. All projects will be complete by 2024.



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