Second Storm Predicted to Arrive Friday, February 8.

The Seattle office of the National Weather Service is predicting another 6-8 inches of snow starting Friday afternoon, February 8. It’s possible another storm will follow this one.

Our Public Works crews have been out plowing since last Sunday night, and will be on 24-hour schedules as needed.  We will have multiple trucks out plowing as much as possible.

Snow removal map: Crews will focus on the main traffic corridors (Priorities 1 in red and 2 in green): SR525, Harbour Pointe Blvd., Beverly Park Road, Paine Field Blvd., 5th Street/Mukilteo Blvd., 92nd Street, 44th Avenue, Chennault Beach/Central Drive, and St. Andrews Drive. The small diamonds represent de-icing routes.  As crews are able to plow these roads, they will add Priority 3 routes and neighborhoods.

To request snow plowing service in your neighborhood, please complete an online Fix It Public Works! service request (goes directly to department supervisors) or call (425) 263-8000 during normal working hours. Please be patient, they will be busy.

In preparation for this storm, the Public Works department has more salt and sand, changing plow blades and repairing truck chains, preparing chain saws for possible down trees from the wind. Please allow the crews 24 hours to initially plow Priority areas 1 & 2, and they will add additional routes as conditions allow.

Note: Snow plows do not scrape down to the pavement because it causes damage, and may not remove the under layer of ice.  After plowing a road, there may be snow moved into the right-of-way, including the sidewalk; we do not have the manpower to shovel sidewalks and ask residents to assist.


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