Resident Parking Passes

New resident parking passes for 2022-2024 to be mailed in May 2022.

Resident parking passes are valid for a two year period. The current resident parking passes list an expiration date of April 30, 2022.

Due to staff vacancies, we are still preparing our bulk mailing of new passes to residents.   New 2022-2024 resident parking passes are scheduled to be mailed by mid-May.   Please use your current 2020-2022 resident pass(es) until the new passes arrive.

As has been the case in the past, there will be a transition period where expired passes will still be honored, so long as the expired 2020-2022 pass is displayed. The Police Department is aware of the delay in getting the new passes mailed out and will not ticket for a reasonable amount of time following mailing of the new passes, if your 2020-2022 pass is displayed.

Please wait until the beginning of June 2022 to see if the new resident pass arrives. If you do not receive your 2022 pass by June 15, then please email the parking team at City Hall to have them mailed to you.

Also, please check back to this webpage regularly for updates (


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