Park Stewardship Training Workshops This Fall

Becoming a Park Steward is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get exercise and make new friends while working in the parks!  To become a Park Steward, you are asked to attend four lectures and hands-on-field workshops on these Saturdays: October 6 (9am – 12pm), November 3 (9am – 12pm) and December 1 (10am – 2pm).  All field workshops are held at the Japanese Gulch South Trailhead or the Community Garden Entrance off 76th Street.

The lectures and workshops include general program orientation & expectations, plant identification, best management practices related to invasive plant control and planting, trail maintenance and volunteer management. Once trained, stewards commit to at least 25 hours within a year to the program where they will implement an agreed upon work plan with their volunteer cohort. In addition, stewards will coordinate and lead community volunteer events. For more information on this important program, call or email Mariska Kecskes at (206) 793-2676.

Training is provided by Earthcorps & City Staff, there is no fee to participate. Participants must be 18 years or older. Registration is encouraged prior to the first workshop on October 6.

Visit the Park Stewardship Program page on the website to learn more.


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