Mukilteo Water & Wastewater – Lift Station 9 Force Main Area – Lane Closures

Lane Closures Scheduled to Begin 3-18-19

The Mukilteo Water and Wastewater District’s (District) Contractor, SRV Construction, Inc. is scheduled to begin construction on the 2019 Water and Sewer Improvement Project on Park Avenue and 3rd Street on Monday March 18th. There are three Projects/Schedules in this year’s work. They started with the Washington Ave. Water Main Replacement Project and are now moving on to the Lift Station #9 Force Main Replacement Project.

The Force Main Project will replace approximately 3,400 linear feet of plastic sewer force main with polyurethane lined restraint joint 8-inch ductile iron sewer main. The project starts at the existing Sewer Lift station #9 located on the South side of the railroad tracks and Park Ave. It then runs South up Park Ave to 3rd ST. Then West on 3rd Street, South on Lincoln Ave and West on 4th ST, where it will go under the Speedway, in a Jack and Bore operation, so the Speedway will not be open trench cut. The remainder of the project runs up the West Shoulder of the Speedway to the Sewer Lift Station #10 at Goat Trail Road.

Impacts: The construction operations for this project will affect traffic in/along the streets named above and the general area surrounding them. Temporary asphalt patching will be performed immediately once pipe installation is completed. Final paving, in the impacted areas, will be done at the same time for all the projects, so there will be some delay between the temporary patch pavement and the final pavement. The Final pavement will consist of a grind and re-pave of the whole lanes. Residents will continue to have uninterrupted water and sewer service during this project.

Lane Closures: Various Lane Closures and Temporary Road Closures, with associated signage, will be placed at both ends of the work zones with the intent of allowing residents and their quests through. Work will be performed from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Thursday. If your residence is in the work zone closure on that particular day, pull up and speak to the contractor to gain access to your driveway. Police, Fire, Emergency, Mail, Garbage and regular delivery will be uninterrupted. The Contractor will do the best they can to provide local access during construction. Pedestrian thru access will be maintained to the maximum extent feasible. There will be some temporary/short term loss of parking along the streets as materials and equipment are stockpiled and installed.

Contact for Questions:
There is never a good time for these types of projects. They are necessary for the District to continue to supply reliable and safe services to our customers. The District appreciates your understanding and apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact Operations/Engineering Manager Rick Matthews by email, or by phone 425-355-3355, with any questions or concerns with the projects. Updates on the project will be available periodically on our website at


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