Mukilteo Request for Proposals for Website Redesign, Development, and Implementation

The City of Mukilteo requests a Letter of Interest and a Proposal from experienced website design firms to redesign, develop, and implement a new City website utilizing content on the existing website, as well as new information and features as suggested by the City.

See the full Request for Proposal for detailed information.

All proposals must be submitted electronically to:

Acting City Clerk, Leslie Lavoie

All proposals must be received by Wednesday, May 31, at 4:30 PM. 

Please send your electronic mail address to Acting City Clerk Leslie Lavoie if your firm wishes to be on a notification list for this project. Persons on the notification list will receive any project updates from the City.

If you have questions about the request for proposals, please contact Executive Assistant Nehring at Replies to questions will be sent via electronic mail to all firms on the notification list for this project.


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