Snow Removal Information for Mukilteo

The City of Mukilteo is making preparations now for snow and ice removal.  The City owns and operates five snow or sanding vehicles; we also contract with Snohomish County for application of de-icer on our streets.  City crews will start plowing when snow depths reach 1-2 inches on the road and the snow appears to be accumulating. The Police Department monitors street conditions and alerts Public Works for areas that need special attention.  We also encourage the public to call 425.263.8000 to report non-urgent snow plowing needs.

City streets are plowed on the following priority basis:

  1. Arterials and steep roads such as SR-525, Paine Field Blvd., Harbour Pointe Blvd., 5th Street, Beverly Park Road, Harbour Heights Parkway, 84th Street SW, 76th Street SW and the stair step area from Goat Trail Road to 76th Street SW.
  2. Chennault Beach Drive, Central Drive, Kay Way, 62nd Place W, 64th Place W, Saint Andrews Drive, and 44th Avenue W.
  3. Residential street clearing/sanding

For your convenience, click on this link to view the City’s snow removal routes map.

Storm Drainage

The City of Mukilteo has over 6,000 catch basins.  We try to be proactive by sweeping the streets with our street sweeper during the fall. However, when it rains, our catch basin inlets invariably get clogged with leaves.  Please be a helpful neighbor when the hard rains hit and leaves are clogging the catch basin inlet near your home.  Clean the inlet off so the water can drain. Please only clear the drain if it is safe to do so. If the drain is still clogged after you’ve removed the debris, please call us at (425) 263-8000 to report it, or submit a Fix It Public Works! service request.


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