Mukilteo Police Name 2nd Grader as “Chief for a Day”

Chief for a Day PosterOn Thursday, August 18th 2016, the Mukilteo Police Department in partnership with law enforcement agencies, the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission (WSCJTC), hospitals, and others, will enrich the lives of children who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition. We will provide these children with a day of fun they will never forget and become a part of their precious lives. It is our mission to help these children, and their families, to forget about their illness if only for one day.

The “little Chiefs and Sheriffs” will be transported by police motorcade to the WSCJTC in Burien. In addition to each child having a hand-tailored uniform from their sponsoring agency, each child will be sworn in as “Chief” or “Sheriff” for the day by the Governor or his designee. After the swearing in ceremony, the new Chiefs and Sheriffs will then experience outside presentations made by law enforcement agencies.

“I am so honored to have Lev serving as our honorary Chief for a day! This incredible young man can teach us all about tackling big challenges with a positive attitude and overcoming them,” said Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. “This program is a wonderful way to recognize some amazing kids and their families, I am proud of our Police Department for participating.”

The Mukilteo Police Department, in partnership with the Mukilteo Police Foundation, will be sponsoring Lev Morgan, a second-grader at Mukilteo Elementary School who will participate in the Chief for a Day program.  Lev was two and a half years-old when he was taken to Children’s Hospital in Seattle and diagnosed with leukemia.  Lev was almost 6 months away from finishing his initial protocol when the family received a phone call from the oncologist that they found the cancer cells in Lev’s spinal fluid.  On his 5th birthday, Lev started his second protocol of about 7-8 months of intense chemo rounds completed by 2 weeks of cranium radiation, and then about a year and a half of oral low dose chemo.

This time, Lev did complete his protocol; however, during his treatment Lev’s bone marrow and spinal fluid were tested continuously.  The bone marrow tests came back clear, but spinal fluid tests came back with some abnormal cells.  After further tests, it was discovered that leukemia came back in the spinal fluid again.  Lev’s next protocol was a bone marrow transplant.  Luckily, Lev’s older brother was a complete match.  In April 2015 Lev received his new bone marrow.  Presently, the entire family is working hard to help Lev recover and have a happy childhood.

A fundraiser will be held on May 14th 2016 at the Harbour Pointe Golf Course Clubhouse (11817 Harbour Pointe Boulevard) in Mukilteo. The event is scheduled to begin at 6 pm and will include a live band. Tickets are $20 each at the door and once inside you will have your chance to win some fantastic and exclusive raffle prizes!!


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