Mukilteo PD to Host 2nd “Gun Buyback” Event

On February 25th, 2022 the Mukilteo Police Department is hosting a Gun Buyback event, where participants can exchange unwanted firearms for Visa Gift Cards. The event will take place at the Mukilteo Police Department (10500 47th Pl W Mukilteo WA 98275). The event is part of ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence and unwanted firearms in our community.

Event Hours: 9am – 12pm (9-10am for Mukilteo residents only)

  • 9am – 10am for Mukilteo Residents (proof of Mukilteo Residency required to participate in the first hour)
  • 10am – 12pm Open to all. NOTE: The event may end earlier than noon if gift card supply runs out.

No registration is required; however, proof of Mukilteo residency is required to participate in the first hour of the event. Police staff will review utility bills or identification cards to confirm residency. Participant identity is otherwise anonymous, and staff will not log any identifying information. Proof of residency is not needed from 10am-12pm. Please note: there are security cameras at the Mukilteo Police Department for public safety.

How to participate in “Gun Buyback” –

Participants are asked to bring unloaded guns they wish to trade in for Visa gift cards by following these instructions:

  1. Arrive at the Mukilteo Police Department in your vehicle at the lower parking lot between the Mukilteo Police Station and Mukilteo Fire Department Station 25. [Note: Any firearm you are trading in needs to be unloaded and placed in the trunk or backseat of your vehicle, otherwise out of reach]
  2. Remain in your vehicle and await instruction from Mukilteo PD Staff. A Mukilteo PD Staff member will come out to your vehicle and provide you with further instruction.

Stay in your vehicle when you arrive at the Mukilteo Police Department:

  • Gun(s) must be unloaded
  • Gun(s) must be in the trunk or backseat of your vehicle, or otherwise out of reach

Gift Cards will be handed out as follows:

  • $100 for Handguns
  • $100 for Centerfire Rifles/ Pump action or Semi-automatic Shotguns
  • $50.00 for Rimfire Rifles
  • $50.00 for Single Shot Shotguns

Firearms exchanged through this program that are not stolen or linked to other crimes will be melted down as part of the Mukilteo Police Department’s annual firearm destruction process.

The Mukilteo Gun Buyback was approved by Mukilteo City Council as part of the annual budget. The program aims to reduce gun violence within the community and to reduce the likelihood of accidental injuries and suicides by firearms by providing residents an opportunity to voluntarily relinquish ownership of unwanted firearms in exchange for pre-paid gift cards.

This is Mukilteo PD’s second Gun Buyback Event. In the previous event hosted in December 2022, 41 total firearms were exchanged for a total of $2,850.

For more information on the Gun Buyback Program please visit City of Mukilteo | Mukilteo Police Gun Buyback – City of Mukilteo ( or email


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