Mayor Jennifer Gregerson Signs COVID-19 Emergency Proclamation

On March 10, 2020, Mayor Jennifer Gregerson signed an emergency proclamation giving her the authority to exercise emergency powers pursuant to RCW Chapter 38.52.070(2) and Mukilteo Municipal Code (MMC) Chapter 8.08.070(A) for the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

“Based on the Governor and County Executive signing emergency proclamations, I have determined that a public health emergency exists in the City of Mukilteo that constitutes an immediate danger and threat to the lives and health of the people of Mukilteo,” stated Mayor Gregerson. “This public health threat will affect our local economy and is an emergency that affects the life, health, property or the public peace. I direct the Emergency Management Coordinator and City staff to take all actions necessary as provided in the City’s Emergency Operations Guide to mitigate the danger posed by COVID-19 and protect the public health of Mukilteo. The severity and magnitude of this emergency is beyond the response and recovery capabilities of local resources.”

By issuing this declaration, City officials can assure the City of Mukilteo has the tools in place and is ready to take appropriate actions quickly, as needed, to protect the health and safety of the community. It also allows the City to waive competitive bidding requirements to secure supplies and make other necessary expenditures quickly without going through the usual time-consuming bidding procedures.

The RCWs and City Code also allow exemptions to noticing requirements of the “Open Public Meeting Act.”

The Mayoral Emergency Proclamation is scheduled to be presented to the Mukilteo City Council on Monday, March 16 but is considered to be in full force and effect until Council ratifies and confirms, modifies or rejects the proclamation.

COVID-19 Mayoral Proclamation of Emergency


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