Mayor Gregerson’s Statement on Reports of Boeing 787 Production

Mayor Gregerson is issuing the following statement in regards to news reports that Boeing will move future production of the 787 Dreamliner entirely to South Carolina:

“Boeing’s decision to relocate its 787 production is a devastating blow to our state, and more importantly to the workforce and families impacted by this. Mukilteo is home to many Boeing employees, and I am deeply concerned with how this will affect them.”

“The 787 Dreamliner is Everett’s most significant jet assembly line. As Congressman Larsen stated, this move seems ‘shortsighted and misplaced. While Washington would continue to have more than 70,000 aerospace employees, this move could jeopardize as many as 1,000 Washington jobs.”

“Washington State has always supported Boeing’s operations and used all the tools available to our state. If these reports are true, there is a clear risk that Washington’s economy could be impacted severely by this move, which comes during already tough times due to COVID-19,” says Mayor Gregerson. “I stand by Boeing employees who oppose this move, and support maintaining all manufacturing in Washington State.”

“I agree with our Congressional leadership, Boeing should not cut its Puget sound workforce further without a real plan for retaining and retraining that skilled workforce. I hope those who are affected, Mukilteo residents and beyond, will be given generous options and that this can soon be rectified.”


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