Mayor Gregerson Delivers Her 2020 Budget Message

At the October 7 Council Meeting, Mayor Jennifer Gregerson delivered her 2020 budget message with a commitment to an early and transparent budget process.

“I am confident that there are “no surprises” for the City Council and public in this budget,” said Mayor Gregerson.  “After numerous Council meetings, work sessions, and discussion of the elements of this 2020 Preliminary Budget, I have been guided by our vision for our city operations and the commitment to our city staff and the community that this budget proposal would be not just balanced, but also sustainable.”

The Mayor’s Preliminary Budget is highlighted by four (4) priorities for 2020:

  • fiscal health with a balanced budget that adequately funds our infrastructure needs
  • long range financial planning that funds the city’s rainy day emergency reserve and an ending fund balance that more than meets our policy goal
  • safe, strong neighborhoods with investment in our public safety services
  • a beautiful community by shaping our future through capital projects, improved accessibility and beautiful parks

Public Hearings for the 2020 Budget are scheduled for October 14, 21 & 28, November 4, and 12.

View the 2020 Preliminary Budget in its entirety,


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