Mayor Announces Her 2017 Action Agenda

At Mayor Jennifer Gregerson’s third “State of the City” address last Saturday at City Hall, she announced her 2017 Action Agenda.  “I am optimistic about 2017,” said Mayor Gregerson.  “We have a strong community – Mukilteo Strong, and my 2017 Action Agenda represents my vision to continue to focus on areas where the ground work has already taken place.”

2017 Action Agenda

  • Mukilteo Strong: We will continue the important work that was started in 2016 by remembering those we have lost and building a stronger community to help prevent future tragedies.
  • Honor Green Businesses: We will build on the amazing progress led by our Green Team to encourage and support local businesses in their work to become more sustainable.
  • Emergency Preparedness: A disaster could strike at any time and families and businesses must be prepared; we will work to increase awareness of readiness kits and family and business plans for emergencies.
  • Community Policing: We will build on the successful Citizens Academy and policy volunteer programs by engaging teens and young adults in a closer relationship with our Police Department.
  • Recreation Scholarships: We have worked to return the community to the center of Rosehill’s mission; we must now work to ensure access to everyone in Mukilteo – regardless of income.

Click on this link to read Mayor Gregerson’s “State of the City” Address in its entirety.  Click on this link to watch the video.


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