It’s Raining, Is the Burn Ban Off?

The weather forecast today is for rain in our area, but that doesn’t mean the burn ban has been cancelled. It’s still a thing and certain types of recreational fires are still banned. Temperatures are expected to heat up again next week, so the Snohomish County Fire Marshal has called for a continuation of the current ban.

What’s Allowed Under This Burn Ban

This restriction bans outdoor burning except recreational fires that are less than three feet in diameter and two feet high, and are for cooking and recreation ONLY.  Recreation fires must be contained within a fire pit that has been cleared of all combustible material within a 10 foot radius, must be monitored at all times and must have a water source readily available (at a minimum, a hose turned on with a nozzle or a five-gallon bucket of water).

With the continuing weather conditions, please consider not burning unless necessary.

Mukilteo Recreational Outdoor Fire Regulations


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