Happy 70th Birthday, Mukilteo!

At the May 1 City Council meeting, Mayor Jennifer Gregerson read a proclamation to the City of Mukilteo celebrating it’s 70th birthday.  Mukilteo was incorporated in May 8, 1947 by the voters and had a population of 775; today, Mukilteo has a population nearing 21,000.

Click here to see the entire proclamation.


May 8, 2017

 You’re 70 now.

Yes, I’ve heard the news,

And I see on your face

Signs of “the birthday blues.”

 Your year count is long,

But don’t be depressed.

This makes you a leader –

Far ahead of the rest!

 So 70 years are really quite few.

There’s many a tree older than you.

Mountains and rivers and dirt

All are too.

Happy Birthday, young one!







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Link: https://mukilteowa.gov/happy-70th-birthday-mukilteo/

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