Day of Caring – September 15, 2017

Pollution Prevention in Mukilteo!

Pollution gets into our waters many ways! There are 4500 storm drains that send dirty storm runoff – from our roads, parking lots and yards – directly into Puget Sound without treatment. WSU Beach Watchers are working with the City of Mukilteo to reduce stormwater pollution going into the Sound by marking street curbs with steel medallions that read “No Dumping. Drains to Sound” by as many storm drains as possible – a good visual reminder that this is untreated water!

Because the storm drain marking project needs to happen while it’s dry for 24 hours prior to the event, the backup service project plan in case of rain is to head out to Edgewater Beach where we would do a beach cleanup and other needed clean-up work for the newest park in the City of Mukilteo. Both are needed projects! Let’s keep pollution out of Puget Sound!

September 15, 2017
9 am – 1 pm
Mukilteo City Hall
11930 Cyrus Way
Mukilteo, WA  98275

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